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Solid Colors
Denim LarkspurCeladonCherryEspresso

CaramelDark PinkSea MistRoasted PepperClear Black
Leaf GreenTerra CottaPlum BlushPeach Blush

Combination Colors
Peach/Terra CottaCeladon/DenimGrey/Black
Caramel/L. GreenPeach/PlumCaramel/R. Pepper

Lanyard ClipPlain Toggle

With the options available you have 12 styles to choose from when designing your pendant.  The leaf print is made by a magnolia leaf that has decayed, leaving the skeleton of veins. I rub this into the clay to create this unique pattern.  Enter Store

SmoothLeaf PrintSmoothLeaf PrintSmoothLeaf Print
Hole in Front
Hole in Side

SatinBlack Leather
Natural LeatherBeads & Stone on Wire