Custom ceramic jewelry specializing in Korean and Chinese language designs.

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Handmade by an adoptive mom, this ceramic pendant jewelry is imprinted with family and inspirational expressions in Korean and Chinese.     

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Customize your jewelry by selecting from listed words in either Korean (Hangul) or Chinese or a Korean name. Your pendant can be strung on your choice of  plain or beaded Satin Ratail or Leather cord. Or you may choose to have your pendant strung on wire with semi-precious stones and seed beads. 

Words available include - Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, Older sister of a girl, Older sister of a boy, Older brother of a Girl, Older brother of a boy, Sister, Brother, Uncle, Aunt - Mom Side, Aunt - Dad Side, Cousin, Grandma, Grandpa Niece/Nephew, God Mother, God Father, Foster Mom, Foster Dad, Foster Sister, Foster Brother, Family, Friend, God, Faith, Grace, Bless(ed), Forever, Teacher, Chosen, Strength, Health, Honor, Love, Happiness, Harmony, Courage, Beauty, Clarity, Peace, Joy, Hope, Tranquility.